Working on the public opinion for political projects



Working on the public opinion

Public opinion is a lever that strongly influences the rating of politicians and businessmen. By using it you can improve the reputation of a public person or destroy it in seconds. The anti-crisis communications will not lead to anything if society unanimously perceives a public figure negatively. That is why iSTRATEGY and Sergii Vlashchenko pay special attention to the work with public opinion. We are sure that reputation management is impossible without it.

Stages of work with public opinion

  1. Sociological research: analysis of ratings and polls results, work with focus groups

  2. Analysis of the received data

  3. Provide recommendations for the personal brand development

  4. Work to maintain positive public opinion

The iSTRATEGY team understands that public opinion regarding the particular politician or party can be changed in one direction or another as a result of both reasonable and unsubstantiated assessments, complaints or disagreements of the population with the prevailing living conditions. The iSTRATEGY team takes into account all these characteristics during the analytical part of the work.

The strategy development for the promotion of the top political projects is also impossible without proper work with public opinion. However, we can not say that this tool is worth attention only while developing the work plan. Sergii Vlashchenko and the iSTRATEGY team are well aware that public opinion is changeable and can change dramatically depending on certain events or the political and economic situation in the country. Therefore, iSTRATEGY employees regularly monitor legislation, publications in the media, as well as monitor the mood on social networks.

While working on the public opinion iSTRATEGY uses concise advertising texts, influencers and other tools. Moreover, the company takes into account the public interest, which helps in speech writing and media relations, as the publications are happy to publish materials on current topics.

After all, it is unlikely that anyone will argue that it is a properly constructed work with public opinion that helps increase loyalty to a politician or party through the media.

Current publications with a mention of the client, the growth of loyalty among the audience and recognition - this is the result of proper management of public opinion. Therefore, Sergii Vlashchenko and iSTRATEGY pay special attention to the materials of debatable nature, which cause a great response among people and become the subject of general discussion.