Political projects promotion. iStrategy. Sergii Vlashchenko



The strategy development for promoting the TOP political projects

The strategy development includes the following elements such as:

  1. Assessment of the current situation regarding the political project

  2. Assessment of the current political situation in general

  3. Assessment of project prospects considering points 1 and 2

  4. Setting up the task

  5. Elaboration of the ways to achieve the set tasks

  6. Political strategy development target

While the campaign on the stage of the development and the application of the strategy (for its adjustment) a separate tool is applicable, which is described more detailed in the section Sociological research. Such studies should be held on a regular basis as according to them the promotion strategy and approaches to its implementation should be adjusted if it's necessary. Sergii Vlashchenko systematically analyzes sociological data and works on the possible adjustments to the strategy.

At the same time, a number of tools to work with public opinion are used to implement the strategy, achieve the set goals, and successfully conduct the campaign in iSTRATEGY.

Tools for work with public opinion

  • Media SupportPositive coverage of the activities of a politician or party in the media, including the Internet and television.

  • SMMSupporting the project on social networks, maintaining the accounts, creating a positive image in the blogosphere.

  • Assistance in organizing "field" research.Production of tents, banners, party newspapers, leaflets and flyers.

  • Support with outdoor advertising.Production of billboards and city lights and their placement on the most profitable planes.

The design and copywriting departments, consisting of professionals in their field, as well as the experienced management of iSTRATEGY ensure the effective use of these tools and, consequently, the comprehensive implementation of the campaign strategy of any complexity.

Sergii Vlashchenko's extensive experience, broad political connections, a well-chosen team that has passed a number of election campaigns, the unity and solidarity of the team allow iSTRATEGY to maintain its leadership on the political consulting market.