Speechwriting for political and business communication



Speechwriting (Public speeches, abstracts, posts on social networks)

Speechwriting is one of the key directions of work for the iSTRATEGY team. The CEO of the company Sergii Vlashchenko pays a lot of attention to this PR-tool. As the words written by iSTRATEGY writers are uttered by politicians from the highest tribunes, starting from local authorities and up to the Verkhovna Rada.

We know what to do if it is difficult to find the right words before an important speech? Speechwriting will help the politicians and the businessmen who are used to express their attitude to the country by actions rather than by the words.

Writing speeches, abstracts, posts

The iSTRATEGY team is convinced that speechwriting is an important part of political and business communication that helps shape public opinion. And it is difficult to argue with it - as with the help of a good performance you can convince and lead. Since without a good speech the reputation management is ineffective.

The writing texts for public speeches is not just a PR tool to work with the public opinion, but also a way to improve reputation, get out of a crisis situation and create the right image not only in the media, but also among your colleagues, partners and competitors.

The iSTRATEGY team of writers, assembled by Sergii Vlashchenko, does everything to ensure that clients' speeches are written by simple words, but with a strong message, are easy to understand and memorable. The team does everything to make them evoke an emotional response in the audience.

While writing such texts, iSTRATEGY takes into account linguistic and psychological aspects, as well as uses the advertising and rhetorical techniques.

Sergii Vlashchenko, together with his team, not only creates the product, but also carries out all the preparatory work.

Stages of preparatory work

What does it include?

  • analytics: collection and processing of materials for the speech;
  • creating a draft of the speech;
  • checking the text for compliance with the position and reputation of the client;
  • creating the clean version;
  • language design.

Often before writing a text, the team studies sociological research and analyses public opinion regarding the topic of the speech.

Each speech written by iSTRATEGY writers is an original and individual product, considering all the wishes of the client. Both the technical (duration and language of the speech) and ideological (important political and economic accents) requirements of the customer iSTRATEGY easily turns it into a good, clear and correct speech.

The iSTRATEGY portfolio includes not only the oral speeches by politicians, but also publications on social networks that have found a response in the hearts of Ukrainian public and the media. Concise and sharply social, inspiring debatable speeches and posts created by iSTRATEGY will not remain you indifferent.