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Reputation management

Your Reputation is more expensive than your money - each of us has heard this phrase at least once in a lifetime. And you've probably heard that reputation is a valuable intangible asset that accumulates over the years and can be destroyed rapidly. Indeed, it is not easy to earn, but it is very easy to lose.

However, Sergii Vlashchenko's extensive experience and the team of iSTRATEGY professionals he has assembled will help you build a good reputation and a positive image, which are very important for a politician. Without the mentioned above, it will be impossible to win the votes of voters!

In order to achieve those goals, iSTRATEGY, led by Sergei Vlashchenko, will help you:

  • increase online visibility
  • manage the negativity – search and timely response
  • win the votes of your new voters

Do «the reputation» and «the image» sound the same?

Simply put, the business reputation is a "good name" of a person or company, which is maintained under the influence of many factors and is evaluated by various parameters. The reputation management has two basic concepts - «the reputation» and «the image». Most people think that these two terms are identical, but this is not the case.

The Image is a more superficial, often artificially created in a relatively short time idea of ​​the object, which is maintained in the minds of people. The image created by political technologist Sergii Vlashchenko and the iSTRATEGY team will help you become recognizable. Do you know that the Ukrainian politicians become famous not just on their own? A huge number of people are working on their image! However, why you should bother to look for so many employees, if all you need is just to contact iSTRATEGY. Since we are ready to provide all the services you need.

If you have been present on the political market for a long time and would like to change your image, we will also help you in this case!
iSTRATEGY will actively work with the audience in order for the potential voters to receive information about the positive changes that are happening with your project on time.

If we talk about reputation, it is a more balanced approach, which consists of the real actions and facts of the object, arising from the practice of communication and work with it. In our country, voters do not believe in words, so we will help you to win their votes by your actions! You shouldn't worry as we will protect your reputation at any time. How do we do that? We will work with the negativity that can cause any activity of your company online or offline.

However, the task of reputation is similar to that which solves the image - to protect the company, party, politician, businessman - any person - from the actions of competitors, to attract reliable partners and like-minded people. However, you do not need to understand it as Sergii Vlashchenko and iSTRATEGY will take care of it for you!

Do not forget that if you do not work with a reputable image by involving some PR professionals you should not expect a positive result. However there is always a way out, and for you it is the iSTRATEGY company led by Sergii Vlashchenko, who will always help you to win in any political race!