Political strategic communications and media connections



Strategic communications and media connections

Strategic communications is a purposeful use of communications between the customer and the outside world in order to achieve not only short-term goals, but also to fulfill its mission.

Creating strategic communications is not just about placing a few articles in popular media. The experience on the relevant market, knowledge of political realities, subtleties of the political system and understanding of the mood of the audience are necessary for a high-quality strategy. iSTRATEGY under the leadership of Sergii Vlashchenko has been successfully building strategic communications on the Ukrainian and European markets for more than three years. Why is it worth choosing us?

Effective strategic communication: 5 steps to success

Sergii Vlashchenko has been involved in political communications for over thirteen years. During this time, he realized that the key to success is a team play. That is why, starting to work with top clients, iSTRATEGY is engaged in high-level research.

  1. Sociological polls, analysis of opinions of different audiences, understanding of moods and preferences of the changing political market are conducted. For the arrow to hit the center of the target, you need to open your eyes, turn towards the target, distinguish it among hundreds of others and direct your bow at it.
  2. Having chosen the audience, its detailed study and understanding is carried out. To do this, we connect a team of the best sociologists, study foreign experience, and adapt it to the unique Ukrainian market. iSTRATEGY gives the arrow not just the coordinates of its target. We give customers a detailed description of the size, colour, smell of your target, analysis of the past, the present, the future. The iSTRATEGY team learns more about the target than the target knows about itself. And will pass this information to the shooter.
  3. Selection of media. Sergii Vlashchenko is well versed in the topics and specifics of the Ukrainian and foreign media. What works in one media and gets into the hearts of one audience will be unnoticed in another environment. iSTRATEGY works with both major media holdings and opinion leaders among all age and social groups across the country. For the arrow to reach the "top ten", you need to understand where the arrow is best to get up.
  4. Only afterwards the writers start writing texts, designers create visual content, and media planners place the finished material on the most appropriate resources. The arrow flies into the target clearly and rapidly.
  5. After the shooter with iSTRATEGY hits the bull's eye, it is too early to open the champagne. After all, the struggle continues. Based on the gained experience, the team is engaged in further planning of the communication strategy. Since a good shooter understands that one goal is just one step on the way to his mission.

If you want to be a champion and make only the clearest shots - please feel free to contact iSTRATEGY today.