Political sociological research with focus groups. iSTRATEGY



Sociological research (including focus groups)

iSTRATEGY company, led by Sergii Vlashchenko supports comprehensive work in promoting political projects. One of its most important components is sociological research and work with focus groups.


Sociology is a key tool to help determine your target audience based on gender, age, activity, political views, and other criteria. Based on the results of sociological research arranged by the iSTRATEGY team, the customer will be able to understand the vector of development of your personal or team brand, as well as draw up a road map to determine your further steps towards promotion.

The research is a study of social objects, relationships and processes, aimed at obtaining new information and identifying patterns of social life. That's why we use all classical and innovative theories, methods and procedures, which are applicable in sociology.

Sergii Vlashchenko supports a professional approach in sociology, so iSTRATEGY specialists always choose the most appropriate methodology of work, particularly for each project. It means that studies have different specifics. Its essence is that it is not a simple collection of any social facts. iSTRATEGY specialists use a scientific procedure that uses some certain sociological methods of collecting information, as well as special sociological technologies, including the sample selection.

Working with focus groups provides an opportunity to answer the question: what does a certain audience want? Sergii Vlashchenko is convinced that this process will help to find out the people's public demand as clearly as possible and put it on the agenda.

The focus group method is essentially a group discussion, while we can identify the participants' attitude to a certain type of activity, a specific person or a group of people. The value of the information obtained is that the participants in the discussion discuss the problem based on their own life experience. Focus group research from iSTRATEGY is an important component of modern political marketing, which, among other things, has proven in various business sectors. This method allows you to gradually reveal the real motivations and motives of the respondents and extrapolate them to a wide range of people according to a sample of interest to the client.

iSTRATEGY prepares and organizes sociological research, including work with focus groups, at the highest level. We also carefully analyze the data obtained and provide the client with a complete and clear picture of the sample. It is our team that can give you a clear understanding of the requests, motivations and behavior characteristics interesting for the audience.