Media support and promotion on social networks for political projects



Media support and promotion on social networks

The social networks and media (both traditional and modern) are the important elements of communication. The company iSTRATEGY under the leadership of Sergii Vlashchenko provides the media support and implements the best mechanisms, tools and ideas for the complete promotion on the social networks in the interests of the customer.

Media support

The media support is an effective tool to attract the attention of an individual, company, political party, etc., which helps to build an image and reputation in the eyes of your audience. It includes development of the effective mechanisms to respond to any informational reasons. In this way, iSTRATEGY builds an individual image line for each client.

Meanwhile the media support allows you to get information not only about your positioning in the media, but also about your competitors. These mechanisms are able to create a regular controlled news flow about you, to convey to the audience your core values and achievements.

Promotion on social networks

The promotion on social networks is an integral element for any project's success. For Sergii Vlashchenko and his team, it is fundamentally important to make the customer's social networks alive. A community of supporters will always form around them and support will grow on the Internet. In order to realize it, iSTRATEGY uses the latest SMM-techniques, which allow you to cover a range of tasks towards the promotion.

Main tasks

The main tasks set by iSTRATEGY in the social networks promotion:

  • increase the number of visitors on social network pages;
  • increase the number of views for publications;
  • growth of the recognizability;
  • increase the audience loyalty.

Speaking about SMM, Sergii Vlashchenko prioritizes the development and promotion of a personal or team brand online. A profile or page on social networks is a full-fledged platform for communication with the target audience. This is where brand loyalty is grown and sales are stimulated. Communities in the social network help to increase brand awareness, attract traffic to the site, and increase the reach of potential audiences.

An important element in the development of social networks is targeted advertising. It is an effective source of visitors and followers of the brand, whether it is an individual politician or an entire party. An important feature is the possibility of point targeting, i.e. targeting advertising to a specific audience. Sergii Vlashchenko is convinced that such an approach can attract the attention of the alternative audience. That's why our team includes some experienced internet marketers who brilliantly have all the necessary tools.

In addition to creating an image and reputation, iSTRATEGY in case will involve the media and social networks for the crisis communications. Prompt response to our client's requests is a key factor in this case.

iSTRATEGY offers the best solutions for media support and your social network development!