Anti-crisis communications for political and business projects



Anti-crisis communications

It is not difficult to get involved in a political scandal, but to get out of it without losing the reputation gained over the years is a super task! However, the extensive experience of Sergii Vlashchenko and the iSTRATEGY team he has assembled will help you to overcome any professional difficulties.

W. Timothy Coombs, a crisis communications specialist at the University of Illinois, said:

It's easy to recognize a crisis - it's a threat to reputation, an element of surprise and limited time to make a decision.W. Timothy Coombs

The iSTRATEGY company headed by Sergey Vlashchenko will carry out a complex of the communicative actions for you, directed on forecasting, prevention, overcoming, and also regulation of consequences of crisis.

A politician, a party, a businessman, a company must be prepared for a wide range of potential crises:
  • slanders in the country’s leading media and social networks (scandals in 35% of such situations are created in the online media and less - in social networks);
  • cyberattacks;
  • incidents with the public.

Each of our clients will overcome the crisis with dignity!

The early preparation for a potential crisis, conducted by iSTRATEGY under the leadership of Sergii Vlashchenko, guarantees you a quick and effective response to the situation - which will allow you to fix it in a short time, protect your reputation, employees and assets from the negative influences.

According to the Business Continuity Institute, about 84% of organizations are prepared in advance for some possible emergencies. The development of an anti-crisis program is the basis of anti-crisis communication. This program is an early-prepared action plan in case of crisis.

Many politicians and businessmen are aware of the importance of anti-crisis communications and invest heavily in related processes, but still feel unprepared. However, with us you will be confident in your future! For many years Sergii Vlashchenko studied the methods of overcoming the crisis situation on the examples of the largest crises of the political systems of the world and successfully applied them in practice.

Anti-crisis plan turnkey and its implementation

Sergii Vlashchenko and iSTRATEGY will develop a turnkey anti-crisis plan for you, which will contain at least 5 key elements:

If you trust Sergii Vlashchenko, you will sleep in peace, as his iSTRATEGY team will act as rescuers for you at any time of the day! Regardless of the source, we will eliminate the "fire" around you, your party or company as soon as possible!