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iSTRATEGY is a political consulting company

We are specialized in working with the leading political parties and politicians. iSTRATEGY has a unique experience of conducting presidential, parliamentary and local campaigns, accumulated over more than three years of experience under the leadership of Sergii Vlashchenko, who gained 13 years of experience in this field.

The strategy development is a basis for further work to promote the political project. Over the years, Sergii Vlashchenko has developed some successful strategies for:

  • the TOP political parties running for parliament;
  • the high ranking presidential candidates of Ukraine;
  • the candidates and parties for local elections.


Sergii Vlashchenko. iStrategy - political consulting and PR services company

Sergii Vlashchenko has 13 years experience as a political and communications strategist in a variety of campaigns, including top presidential candidates and parliamentary parties as well as local races.

He announces the election strategy based on the American model and has been cooperating with the American voters and political consultants.


PR managerSee more

  • We are looking for a high-level specialist who developed and implemented complex promotion strategies of political brand.
  • Our perfect candidate has the skills of preparing, writing and editing materials for mass media.
  • He/she knows and participated in all processes of creation audio and video commercials.
  • Operate in a fast-paced environment, with a high level of professionalism, often under short deadlines and in high-pressure situations.
  • Work non-traditional hours and be on-call regularly, including weekends.

Speechwriter (politics)See more

  • We are looking for a high-level political speechwriter.
  • Able to make speech, message box, brief within definite ideology.
  • A team player who cares deeply about getting the story right.

Digital marketing specialistSee more

  • Lead campaign project management to ensure on-time and on-budget execution across multiple programs.
  • Conduct research, including SEO, SEM, web activity, to inform campaign strategy and approach.
  • Support campaign managers with the development, management and deployment of digital content, including, SEM, display advertising, display remarketing, web personalization, email, social, and paid media plan, execute, and measure experiments/conversion tests.
  • Plan, execute, and measure experiments/conversion tests.
  • Regularly measure and report on campaign performance and results against internal goals and external benchmarks.
  • Identify trends/insights and provide recommendation to optimize overall campaign.
  • Support continual digital strategy growth through external bench-marking and communication of new trends/applications.